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When I came to design the cover for my 3rd book – Jewel Control – I had a clear concept and my publisher followed this brief perfectly.

I wanted to keep to the same ‘branded’ look which hopefully makes it instantly recognisable as belonging to the same family as Jewel Agenda and Jewel Intentions?

I am on schedule to have Jewel Control in print by August this year.

However, it did cause me to ask some questions.

When put alongside each other, the female characters on Jewel Agenda and Jewel Control stood out much more than on Jewel Intentions. I feel they are more obviously in the foreground than Jewel Intentions.


With this problem, I had no alternative but to go back to the Jewel Intentions cover and try to find a character with the same visual impact as the other two.

I did – and the result is shown below. I believe this gives each cover equal impact – I am just annoyed with myself for not spotting it sooner.

None of the new design Jewel Intentions are yet in print. The good news for those with the current version of Jewel Intentions is that there will be no more printed with this cover. As they’ve been printed in very small numbers, who knows, one day they might be valuable!



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Posted on 7th June 2019

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