Harder Than Blood Series

The story so far...

...In northern France, Jennifer Turner's husband and three year old son are brutally murdered in front of her.

Was it a random attack?

Or was it planned?

When she is discovered by a lone motorcyclist, the question is:

Why was she left alive?

The French police, working with Australian and British police forces, soon unearth a contract killing originating in Australia, with motives for the crime stretching back to the 1960s. International police cooperation slowly reveals the elusive intentions behind the crime and eventually succeeds in catching the perpetrators - with the exception of one.

The evasive killer disappears to a country they call home, but as a wanted person, unable to cross borders freely, they feel increasingly trapped knowing they are being hunted by international police forces, as well as those with their own personal agenda...

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...Having escaped from Australia, the one responsible for the murder of Jennifer Turner’s husband and son has fled to Italy and assumed a respectable identity. Despite international police forces cooperating to find them, the Australian investigation appears to stall as blackmail and corruption threatens prized reputations, prompting awkward questions to be asked.

Behind the scenes, there are others with trustworthy contacts trying to find the killer before the authorities do. Two are friendly; one is driven by much darker motives.

Jennifer Turner, intent on revenge, is prepared to risk everything to get her own form of justice, regardless of the cost. Blatantly ignoring protocols, she unwittingly reveals those with hidden intentions, including someone surprisingly close to her negotiating with an organised criminal who knows the killer. But hidden behind these discussions is something with a sinister history – the assets her family was originally murdered for.

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Jennifer Turner’s search to find the killer of her family leads her to a meeting with one of the perpetrator’s most trusted allies.

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