Harder Than Blood Series

The history of the cover design for my first book, JEWEL AGENDA, is a long story in itself. 

The very first design idea, way back at the end of 2015, was completely different to this.

At this point the final manuscript was a ring binder containing hundreds of A4 sheets. Other than me, very few people had read it . A friend of mine said she wanted to read it so away she went with the ring binder. 

When she came back to me her first comment was the cover design as it was then ruined the story because it revealed too much of the plot.

She then suggested the cover should be a split screen with a central character standing in the foreground

In one suggestion my friend had created the unique 'look' I wanted for the series.  On JEWEL AGENDA, France is on the LH side of the cover and Australia is on the RH side.

There was still a lot of work to do with finding suitable images to place either side of the central figure but the brand had been created.

Little wonder she appears in the Acknowledgements page of every title.

Having a clear dsign theme, the template  was already clear in my mind for the cover of JEWEL INTENTIONS.

The perpetrator had fled to Italy and with winter approaching had decided to head for the mountain to the north of Milan. 

This part of the story made the choice of one half of the cover very easy. An Italian mountain and in the foreground of the mountain a skier dressed in blue - again - another direct link to the story.

The other side wasn't so easy. Some people mistake it for Paris but it is actually the Princes Bridge carrying St Kilda Rd across the Yarra River and past the Victorian Arts Centre in Melbourne. 

As with the first book, a prime character stands in the centre effectively covering up the split line betweenthe image on the left and th image on the right.

With the brand now defined it followed the word JEWEL and INTENTIONS should be in the identical font to JEWEL AGENDA.  

And with the brand came thecolour themes. The colour theme on JEWEL AGENDA was red.  The woman's dress, the blood spattered teddy bear, the top of the spine and the red text as the first few lines of the blurb on the rear cover.

 With the cold winter scenes on the cover, it made sense for the colour theme of JEWEL INTENTIONS to be blue.


And so onto  


This time the core colour is ochre yellow. The brand identity remains the same witth the central character, the same font style and the split creen. .

This time the RH side is the Macquarie lighthouse near to the southern edge of Sydney harbour.

The LH side , hardly surprisingly, is England.

It's instantly recognisable but the core colour hopefully makes it unique at the same time.